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Skin Amnesty

by Brooke Eastburn

What have you done to your skin lately? Actually, go ahead and keep that to yourself. The better question to ask is, what have you done for your skin lately? You know that keeping your complexion looking young and healthy is worthy of a dermatologist’s expertise. But with as many opinions regarding skincare out there as there are doctors, whose advice do you follow?

Dr. Matthew Galumbeck, a cosmetic plastic surgeon, is the man to trust with your complexion. This guy started his undergrad work at 16, has conducted extensive research on skin and aging, and has practiced cosmetic surgery for over a decade. In 2000, Dr. Galumbeck opened Spa Phoenix in Virginia Beach. The unique facility combines the technology of a medical spa with the pampering aspects of a day spa. During his vast experience with patients and spa clients, Dr, Galumbeck has observed the effects of literally hundreds of skincare products. When he found that no collection of products achieved the benefits he was looking for, he assembled a team of physicians, chemists, and skincare experts to develop Skin Amnesty. What you get is the result of all of that education, research and experience channeled into a skincare regimen tailored to your skin’s unique needs.

In creating Skin Amnesty, Dr. Galumbeck and his team crafted a program that addresses the multiple telltale signs of aging skin. Through exhaustive clinical trials, his team has determined the most beneficial proportions of active ingredients to restore youthful skin. These Bioactive Modulator Blends inhibit the damaging effects of free radicals and inflammatory white blood cells, and promote collagen production and fortify skin cell health. What this means for your complexion is a restored youthful appearance you may recall from several years back.

When you log onto, you’re invited to shop by your skin type. Once you select dry; normal/combination; or oily/acne prone, a three-step system is laid out for you. Now it’s time to shop. You won’t end up with anything you don’t need because your regimen has been streamlined by Dr. Galumbeck. And you’ll know what your buying - ingredient benefits and product descriptions are clearly explained - free of confusing medical jargon.
Step one: cleanse with Instant Foaming Cleanser ($25); step two: exfoliate and tone with Conditioning Solution ($25) ; step three: moisturize with Moisturizing Treatment SPF 8 ($40).

You may also select from three treatment products: Restore/Protect Serum ($80), an anti-aging serum; Regenerating Eye Cream ($45), to tone delicate skin and reduce the appearance of dark circles and fine lines; and Exfoliating Face Mask ($30), to improve skin texture and elasticity.

Now, who’s ready to knock several years off their complexion?

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